[GRASS5] debugging of shared libs

moovida moovida at katamail.com
Fri Jun 6 08:19:17 EDT 2003

Some debugging related question:

I'm trying to update Sorokine's Java4grass work for Grass 5.x in linux Suse 
8.2. I got into some troubles (since the source was written on Solaris) and 
need to debug a shared library, which is called from Java through JNI. The C 
- lib is compiled for sure with the debugging option, but when I call it with 
ddd, I'm not able to see the source:

DDD: no source
/tmp/ccpQSO9i.s: No such file or directory

Has anyone any hint?



University of Trento
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Via Mesiano, 77 - Trento (ITALY)

Andrea Antonello
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fax:  +390461882672
email:antonell at ing.unitn.it

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