[GRASS5] r.fill.dir stackdump

Jeff D. Hamann jeff_hamann at hamanndonald.com
Tue Jun 10 22:55:56 EDT 2003

I tried to  run r.fill.dir on a small dem and got a Segmentation fault (core
dumped) from the latest cygwin build (self built)...

Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION at eip=0040431B
eax=43E38000 ebx=0000002C ecx=43E38000 edx=10032EF4 esi=10032EF4
ebp=0022FBE8 esp=0022FBE8
cs=001B ds=0023 es=0023 fs=0038 gs=0000 ss=0023
Stack trace:
Frame     Function  Args
0022FBE8  0040431B  (10032EF4, 43E38000, 00000004, 000000BA)
0022FC48  00403E47  (00000005, 00000007, 00000219, 0000002C)
0022FEF0  00401E8D  (00000005, 615F0978, 10030328, 0022FF24)
0022FF40  61007408  (610D1F58, FFFFFFFE, 000007F0, 610D1E7C)
0022FF90  610076ED  (00000000, 00000000, 00000001, 00000000)
0022FFB0  00420932  (004014D0, 037F0009, 0022FFF0, 77E814C7)
0022FFC0  0040103C  (0022D8B0, 00000001, 7FFDF000, 0044002E)
0022FFF0  77E814C7  (00401000, 00000000, 78746341, 00000020)
End of stack trace

Has anyone else had this happen? I'm running the same thing (a much larger
dem) on another machine using the precompiled cygwin version 5.0.2....


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