[GRASS5] Re: 6. [bug #1731] (grass) can't make on grass5.0.1 on X11 (Mac) (Request Tracker)

Eric Schermer schermer at msu.edu
Tue Mar 11 09:23:20 EST 2003

>Subject: can't make on grass5.0.1 on X11 (Mac)
>Platform: other
>grass obtained from: Other (CDROM etc) Grass 5.0.0v2 from OpenOSX
>grass binary for platform: Compiled from Sources
>GRASS Version: 5.0.1
>Please enter error description here (and your name)
>I have downloaded the update 5.0.1 from baylor site, but ./configure 
>finished with
>configure: error: *** Unable to locate Tk includes.
>make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
>I have also tried make Makefile.in
>make: Nothing to be done for 'Makefile.in'.
>so trying make install
>make: Nothing to be done for 'install'
>I am a little lost as to where I can repair this.
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I think your best bet is to download the source code and configure it 
yourself.  You need to use something like this  "./configure 
--with-opengl-includes=/usr/X11R6/GL/include --without-pgsql 
--without-gdal --without-obdc"

if no errors then "make"
if no errors then "sudo make install"

This assumes that you installed the long list of requirements such as 
jpeg, png, tcl/tk, etc, through fink.  If you compiled all of those 
on your own then you'll probably need ..=/usr/local/include, instead 
of /sw/include.

I could not get gdal to compile.  There is problem with the ranlib 
and/or libtool in /usr/bin.  It wants to make a shared library for 
gdal rather than a static library.

Last Fall I was able to make basically a grass demo, but without gdal 
for importing geographic raster data, grass is pretty much useless to 
me.  Back then I had to change a couple words in the in source code 
of grass 5.0.0 but since I've found answer to the malloc bug at 
http://homepage.mac.com/samchops/MACOSX/macosx.html, and perhaps that 
is no longer neccessary with 5.0.1.  If you are trying to learn how 
to compile on OS X the above link might be of some help.  If you 
install the binary postgres installer from 
http://www.entropy.ch/software/macosx/postgresql/  Then you'll have 
includes in two different places so you'll need to do something like 
/usr/local/pgsql/include/...' .  There are instructions for all of 
this in the archives on this grass list site from Sept and Oct/2002. 
Unfortunately, I did not make sense of the gdal threads, but it 
didn't look to me like the person from OpenOSX.com got an answer to 
that question.  And at the time he was asking the question, his cds 
were already for sale.  I doubt his $50 GRASS cd has gdal integration 
either, and the binary  installer for GRASS which he provides to the 
GRASS sites also does not include gdal.  Open source software should 
be free and I've read nothing good about OpenOSX products on 

If there is a way to get gdal to compile correctly then I will figure 
it out soon.  Good Luck,


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