[GRASS5] ps.map

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Wed Mar 26 11:11:20 EST 2003


I updated ps.map for 5.1 which brings some changes:
- devices (ps.select) are not used, some paper formats are hardcoded,
  others may be defined in 'paper' section
- 'vector' substituted by 'vpoints', 'vlines', 'vareas'
- icons (mapset/ps_icons; ps.icon) replaced by new format and library 
  for symbol. Symbols are stored in GISDBASE/etc/symbol or mapset/symbol.
  Symbols may be used by d.vect and ps.map.
- vector features may be selected by either list of cats (1,3,5-7)
  or WHERE SQL statement



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