[GRASS5] s.surf.idw improvements and region settings

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Mar 27 13:57:38 EST 2003

> If sites outside the interpolation region are required to be
> included it can be done by setting a bigger region and using a mask for
> the interpolation region. I think this is how it would be done with
> s.surf.rst. Incidentally, s.surf.rst has a special command-line option to
> specify a maskmap while s.surf.idw simply honours the conventional GRASS
> MASK raster layer. Is there a reason for this other inconsistency?

maskmap is there for the users (and mine) convenience for the cases
where I have a MASK set but my point data cover only a portion of the
within that mask, so I can mask the result without changing the MASK.
s.surf.rst should honor the MASK but I am not sure that it really does.
There are many other inconsistencies that need fixing (e.g. curvatures 
from rst and r.slope.aspect have oposite signs).

> With a bit more work it might be possible to add a command-line switch
> that enables the old behaviour (I would need to think about it), but I
> don't really think this is necessary as it can be worked around (I will
> explain this in the man page) and especially as the new behaviour would
> make it consistent with s.surf.rst.
> If there aren't any objections I will commit the improvements to CVS in a
> day or two.
> Paul
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