[GRASS5] Problems compiling grass51/57 on cygwin

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Wed Oct 1 13:07:01 EDT 2003

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Buchan Milne wrote:
> Buchan Milne wrote:
>>There seem to be a number of other problems, especially when trying to
>>do a minimal compile ...
>>I had to add $(GISLIB) to EXTRA_LIBS for most of the stuff in lib/db,
>>and it seems to not be possible to compile without fftw (even if using
>>--with-fftw=no in configure).
> lib/gmath/del2g.c needs a wrapping:
> #if defined(HAVE_FFTW_H) || defined(HAVE_DFFTW_H)
> since it uses a function which is wrapped by this ...
> And even though I configured without tcltk, lib/form/open.c is wanting
> to include the X headers inherited from tk.h, and wanting to link to tcl
> libs.

Similar problems with lib/ogsf/gvd.c and OpenGL ...

Maybe someone should try compiling with none of the optional
requirements, and see if they are still optional. I wanted to avoid
installing a whole bunch of software on my cygwin installation (which is
short on disk space), and was prepared to lose all the features, but it
seems I would have been better off repartitioning my system to make more
space ...

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