[GRASS5] Problems compiling grass51/57 on cygwin

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Thu Oct 2 05:12:26 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 01 October 2003 17:44, Buchan Milne wrote:
> There seem to be a number of other problems, especially when trying to
> do a minimal compile ...
> I had to add $(GISLIB) to EXTRA_LIBS for most of the stuff in lib/db,

I have added $(GISLIB) to dbmi_client, dbmi_driver, stubs, any other?
If you see obvious bug, please fix it directly in CVS, if possible.

> and it seems to not be possible to compile without fftw (even if using
> --with-fftw=no in configure).
> lib/gmath/del2g.c needs a wrapping:
> #if defined(HAVE_FFTW_H) || defined(HAVE_DFFTW_H)

OK, done.

> Oh, and shared libraries were being created without extension too ...

SHLIB_SUFFIX  in include/Make/Platform.make is not defined? configure should
do that, I think.

> And even though I configured without tcltk, lib/form/open.c is wanting
> to include the X headers inherited from tk.h, and wanting to link to tcl
> libs.

Tcltk is more or less requirement (v.digit, d.what.vect, db drivers), 
but I agree that libes and modules using that should be compiled 
conditionaly (for non interactive enviroments).

> Similar problems with lib/ogsf/gvd.c and OpenGL ...
> Maybe someone should try compiling with none of the optional
> requirements, and see if they are still optional.

But you have already tried, no?

> I wanted to avoid
> installing a whole bunch of software on my cygwin installation (which is
> short on disk space), and was prepared to lose all the features, but it
> seems I would have been better off repartitioning my system to make more
> space ...

I would prefer, if you could add conditions to source and Makefiles, if possible.


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