[GRASS5] Announcement: v5dconvert

Wallace, Beverly T beverly.t.wallace at lmco.com
Fri Oct 17 19:57:47 EDT 2003

GRASS community,

V5dconvert is now available in src.contrib/LM/v5dconvert. 

The v5dconvert programs convert GRASS 2D raster and vector data into Vis5d 2D topography, texture, and map outline data.

The v5dconvert programs are:
		Set the GRASS 2D region corresponding to a Vis5d 3D data file
		Convert GRASS raster data into a Vis5d texture file
		Convert GRASS raster data into a Vis5d topography file
		Convert GRASS vector data into a Vis5d map outline file

See the src.contrib/LM/v5dconvert/html pages for descriptions and examples.

Vis5d+ does not need to be installed to run these GRASS programs.  
However Vis5d+ is needed to view the resulting files.

I have tested v5dconvert with Solaris 9 and Red Hat Linux.  

If there are any problems or questions, please let me know.

Bev Wallace
Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
beverly.t.wallace at lmco.com

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