[GRASS5] 5.7.0

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Wed Oct 22 05:10:17 EDT 2003


I think, that there is already enough new functionality in 5.7
for wich users are waiting a long time. It doesn't make much sense 
to postpone 5.7.0 for ever, only because of hazy hope that much 
more could be done. I want to move forward and release 5.7.0.
It should be something like 5.0 around 1998, that means something
what can be used, but far from stable release.

Certainly >= 5.7.0 will never contain all the functionality from 5.0.0.
To make 5.7 ready for 5.7.0 release, I want to do this:
- category index for vectors (to minimise later format changes)
- disable direct Shapefile and PostGIS support (currently not finished)
- update some missing modules (not all); I have updated status list of 
  vector/sites modules (grass51/doc/vector/v.modules.html), my intention
  is to update those with N in third column, however I am not sure about
  statistical modules for sites (s.normal, s.qcount, s.univar, s.windavg,
  s.medp, s.probplt,...), are these modules necessary for 5.7.0? 
  You can look at the list (especially N/X/?) and send us your comments.

This doesn't mean that features like PostGIS/Shapefile/OGR cannot be 
added during > 5.7.0.


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