[GRASS5] Re: Can s.menu be used in Grass5.0.2

Silke Reimer Silke.Reimer at intevation.de
Wed Oct 29 11:25:45 EST 2003

Hi Xumeming,

On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 01:40:42PM -0500, Xueming Wu wrote:
> Greetings,
> I installed Grass5.0.2 on my computer. And I want to create
> some reports of site list. But s.menu isn't included in my
> Grass5.0.2. Does anyone know that if s.menu can be used
> in Grass5.0.2? Where can I get source code of s.menu?

s.menu has been commented in March 2000 as you can see in the
Changelog of grass:

2000-03-07 18:05  markus

        * src/CMD/lists/GRASS: commented s.menu as it needs 5.0 update


Some time later the code of s.menu has been moved to the folder
"unused". This is the reason why you won't get s.menu when you use a
default version of GRASS 5.0.2. Of course you can compile the code moved
to "unused" but I won't recommand it since Markus surely had some
reason to remove s.menu from officiel grass.

> Is there other command that has similar function to s.menu in
> Grass5.0.2?

I don't know enough about site commands in grass so I leave the
answer to this question to a more competent person.



Silke Reimer

Intevation GmbH                      http://intevation.de/
FreeGIS                                http://freegis.org/

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