[GRASS5] Re: Can s.menu be used in Grass5.0.2

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Wed Oct 29 12:35:50 EST 2003

On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 05:25:45PM +0100, Silke Reimer wrote:
> Hi Xumeming,
> On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 01:40:42PM -0500, Xueming Wu wrote:
> > Greetings,
> > 
> > I installed Grass5.0.2 on my computer. And I want to create
> > some reports of site list. But s.menu isn't included in my
> > Grass5.0.2. Does anyone know that if s.menu can be used
> > in Grass5.0.2? Where can I get source code of s.menu?
> s.menu has been commented in March 2000 as you can see in the
> Changelog of grass:
> -----------
> 2000-03-07 18:05  markus
>         * src/CMD/lists/GRASS: commented s.menu as it needs 5.0 update
> ------------------------
> Some time later the code of s.menu has been moved to the folder
> "unused". This is the reason why you won't get s.menu when you use a
> default version of GRASS 5.0.2. Of course you can compile the code moved
> to "unused" but I won't recommand it since Markus surely had some
> reason to remove s.menu from officiel grass.

As stated in the Changelog: the command is using the pre-5.x sites
format and needs to be partially rewritten.
> > Is there other command that has similar function to s.menu in
> > Grass5.0.2?
> I don't know enough about site commands in grass so I leave the
> answer to this question to a more competent person.

A good choice is the R/GRASS interface:

Like that you get your sites data in R which is a zillion times
more powerful than the old s.menu.


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