[GRASS5] r.patch needs 'multiple' switch

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Tue Aug 3 19:42:53 EDT 2004

If I understand the Œmultiple¹ option for g.parser, r.patch needs to have
this set to yes. You need to be able to enter multiple maps,  separated by
commas, into the map entry box.

If my understanding is correct, g.rename also needs this. I think that there
are several other commands that need this switch, but can¹t remember which
ones at the moment. I haven¹t reported this previously because I guessed it
might not work anyway until G.PARSER() was fixed to accept spaces and other
characters. I¹ll report them as I run into them.

I have a question and I hope you all can excuse my ignorance on this. I
thought I¹d look at the r.patch command to check whether or not multiple was
not set or whether it was set but not working correctly before sending this
email. Then maybe I could even offer to make this very minor fix in modules
when I ran into this. However, I can¹t see where the actual r.patch program
is located. It is not in the source directory /grass51/raster/r.patch where
I expected it to be. Nor can I find a reference to it in other (what appear
to be) likely locations. I could find no reference to g.rename in the source
files at all‹although it must be there somewhere in order for the module to
compile. I¹m interested in learning more about how GRASS is put together and
seem to be stuck at the beginning.

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