[GRASS5] [bug #2488] (grass) GRASS 5.7 WISH - improve string reading ability in g.parser

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 21:06:08 EDT 2004

> > I changed append-> lappend in some places and now it is all working,
> > AFAICT. (& in CVS)
> Does this mean that the G.PARSER() problem is generally fixed and we
> can enter strings with spaces into the tcl dialogs?


> The same problem affected d.m in the places to do SQL queries.

works. (Add vector->SQL Query)

> It also affected the v.digit startup where you specify a command to
> provide a background map. Once you are in v.digit, it is then possible
> to specify a background map.

works. (just another Tcl startup menu like all the rest)

> It may (or may not) also be related to NVIZ not starting from the
> autogenerated GUI. Currently, you have to start NVIZ from the command
> line using the -q switch, then add data after it is running. That is,
> you can't specify initial raster, vector, ect. files in the startup
> GUI dialog. If you try to start NVIZ this way, it will crash.

still broken:
can not find channel named "couldn't execute "nviz2.2_script": no such
file or directory"

> I don't remember running into this in 5.3,

It was a problem in 5.3, but without the SQL queries it only affects the
d.text modules AFAIK. Fixed in CVS. Both the 5.3 and 5.7 changes make
the shell command preview un-cut&paste-able for things with spaces in
them, but this never worked before either.. some fancy formatting before
printing the text string could probably move & replace the {}s to "s if
someone was keen to try.

The error is still in  grass51/gui/tcltkgrass/main/gui.tcl  but that is
in now unused code which should be ripped out???


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