[GRASS5] question about version numbers

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 17 20:42:51 EDT 2004

> I am about to upload an updated tcltkgrass for 5.7 to the CVS. Glynn
> Clements helped revamp gui.tcl after I cleaned out about 2/3 of the
> code because it is unused now. menu.tcl also has some updates to go
> along with this clean up. Both deserve a change in version numbers.
> Internally (i.e., in the header to the program), menu.tcl is going
> from 4.0 to 4.1.

I think these were mostly useful in the days before CVS and version
history had to be stored in comments in the file itself. Nowadays
keeping them up just means more work for everybody with little return,

You can add the CVS tag $Id$ to files (but avoid putting that on the
first line) to have CVS update the version number automatically. This
can lead to confusion problems when files are merged from 5.3->5.7 or
tagged for release(??), but I think it's better than a) nothing b)
unmaintained independent versioning within files.

another issue:
we now have two different file with the same name:
grass51/lib/gis/gui.tcl              # GUI boilerplate
grass51/gui/tcltkgrass/main/gui.tcl  # tcltk menu control code

Perhaps we should consider renaming one of them (the newer one) to
avoid future confusion?

Then again, we have hundreds of Makefiles and description.html files
around so maybe it isn't that horrible.


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