[GRASS5] gui.tcl revision error

jg-linux at triad.rr.com jg-linux at triad.rr.com
Thu Aug 26 23:21:23 EDT 2004

There is a problem with the last revision of gui.tcl
in Grass 5.3.  I posted to the grass list "tcltk
won't v.support". I found the

modules with commands of the form:
{v.support option=build}
{v.support option=edit}
{r.colors color=rules} appear to not
parse the command correctly so you get
an error similar to "command not
found". (IOW commands made up of more than 1 phrase.)

I have traced the
error down to the last change by
Hamish at line 730 in gui.tcl.
Ver. 1.21: set name [concat $cmd]
Ver. 1.20: set name [eval concat $cmd]

When I revert this change back to v1.20, it works. 

Also, you might want to
check the change at line
700: default {lappend cmd "$i=$j"}
Is there
supposed to be a space after " ?
{lappend cmd " $i=$j"}

I gather this has to do with your discussions on how
to concatenate phrases with white space but I don't
understand it. Therefore I don't know if this is the
correct fix but it does allow the above commands to
start working again.

John Gillette

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