[GRASS5] 5.3 shared libraries and other experimental changes

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Tue Jan 6 09:20:56 EST 2004

Hello Paul,

thanks for the improvements - it compiles perfectly on Mandrake 9.1.
(I have modified the mk/Makefile.docs slightly).

I have no troubles to run 'make' in the main directory.

A (un)related question:

Must the links to front.end necessarily be hard links?
They are created in:


On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 12:47:08PM +0000, Paul Kelly wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I made some changes to the 5.3 CVS that are quite experimental and will
> probably break some things. However it allows to build the core GRASS
> libraries as shared, which hugely reduces the size of the binary
> distribution.
> Please test it by adding the following option to the configure script:
> --enable-gmake=no
> This enables the alternate build mechanism, and I made some changes to the
> Makefiles and used a more up-to-date version of the SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS macro
> from the 5.7 aclocal.m4 (I took the latest from the Tcl CVS). This
> SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS seems to have already fixed a lot of the issues discussed
> in bug 2232 http://intevation.de/rt/webrt?serial_num=2232&display=History
> I also added a section for Cygwin. This does not work currently as there
> are problems with circular dependencies and resulting undefined symbols
> when compiling libraries. In particular the dig2 and vect libraries had
> circular dependencies. I didn't look into this more but it may just be a
> compiler/linker flag we need like the "-undefined suppress" on OSX. There
> was a new version of the OSX flags in Tcl but I commented this and copied
> Markus's tried and tested version instead. Somebody could try changing
> these flags just to see what happens if they have time.
> r.terraflow doesn't compile properly also as its Gmakefile is non-standard
> and the mk/genmake.sed conversion filter doesn't work on it. So it can't
> be compiled with the alternate build mechanism.
> If you wish to use the alternate build mechanism to build static
> libraries, add --enable-shared=no as well. (--enable-shared=yes is the
> default).
> Feel free to fix up and tidy the changes I have made. Seems to work on
> Linux (Red Hat 9) and IRIX (6.2) but I haven't tested anywhere else and
> much needs tidied anyway. E.g. generating the makefiles for the alternate
> build mechanism only needs to be done once but is done every time the
> configure script is run, the way I have left it.
> Other changes I made were
> 1) Change the name of the start-up script to grass53 (also for gmake and
> gmakelinks). This is quite an important change and should probably go
> higher up in this mail or maybe to the users' list.
> 2) Make --with-gdal the default as there are now several reports that the
> gdalbridge code doesn't work.
> 3) Re-generate the binary nadgrids datum transformation files when
> installing a binary distribution, as these are architecture-specific
> files.
> (For the alternate build mechanism make must be run from a separate build
> directory; for make bindist and make srcdist you need to change back to
> the top-level source directory and run make there.)
> Something I kind of removed was that with mk/mid.mk.shlib (the old shared
> library mechanism) the shared libraries had nice version numbers as part
> of the filenames. SC_CONFIG_CFLAGS seems to put version numbers in for
> some platforms but not very many. I hope it is all right without them as
> the GRASS libraries will all be in their own version-specific
> sub-directory anyway.
> Please test with ./configure --enable-gmake=no and I would hope to make
> this the default before the 5.3.0 release.
> I will try to fix any bugs I have introduced with these changes but feel
> free to tidy things and help with the Cygwin shared dll problem and
> r.terraflow's Gmakefile would be much appreciated as well.
> Paul

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