[GRASS5] r.what

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 21:33:13 EST 2004

> Hamish, thanks for your answer, but that's not what I meant :
> Here's an example of result of r.what
> |*9.6|897|24.1

wierd. the line shouldn't start with "|" either.

> As you can see, the * character is where my 'x' should be, not where
> my values would. Checking with d.what.rast, the actual value should be
> 799.6 for this example. On about 500 points, only 10 of them have
> these strange coordinates. The * does not always represnt the same
> string (in the example here, it was '79', on some others, it was
> '13'... It would have been too easy to parse the result to a script to
> get proper results, you can imagine... Oh, and the problematic values
> are not on the borders: I have some sites on both sides that output
> proper coordinates. Do you have any idea of what may happen ?

what does the command line look like?
are you feeding postions from stdin or a file?
does setting null= to something other than * make it 
  "|NaN9.6|897|24.1" or "|NaN6|897|24.1"?
what computer platform? (ie newline problem)
  if this is cygwin, could you open with TextPad? (www.textpad.com)
  if this is mac, could you open & view with bbedit or nedit from fink?
what does a good data line look like? (ie querying one or two maps?)

looks to me like a bug -- the "79" of "799.6" gets over written by a
return without a newline and then the final queried value ("|*").


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