[GRASS5] more GRASS 5.7 testing under MacOSX

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Thu Jan 15 11:35:34 EST 2004

On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 09:10:49AM -0700, Michael Barton wrote:
> Getting ready for my class this semester, I downloaded and began 
> testing GRASS 5.7 again. I am using the 20 November 2003 binaries that 
> Markus has kindly made available. Some of these things may have been 
> dealt with in the current CVS snapshot, but I haven't yet had the 
> chance to try compiling it.
> So far, I've seen a couple old bugs still in effect, and run into a new 
> one. Also, given that the new version is overall quite stable and 
> potentially useful, I want to add two requests.
> 1. Nviz still doesn't work. Trying to start it returns an error that 
> nviz2.2_script can't be found (even though it is indeed located in the 
> proper place). I tried to force run the script from within grass, but 
> it crashed before it started with several errors. If anyone is 
> interested, I can send these. I don't know if this is because Nviz 
> doesn't work with 5.7 yet, or it is a bug in the startup script.


in 5.7, due to the above mentioned (path) problem NVIZ only runs
via command line:

 nviz el=elevation vect=vect1[,vect2[,...]] [col=draperastermap] 

One day we'll solve that...

> 2. In the display manager, when reorganizing the different map layers, 
> dragging a layer a little too far (it doesn't take much) below the 
> bottom-most layer starts an endless error loop that can only be exited 
> by crashing out of GRASS.

Yes, a bad problem! I also face it.



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