[GRASS5] d.barscale enhancement, d.scale retirement

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 17 02:18:45 EST 2004


re. the state of affairs of d.scale and d.barscale

d.scale is buggy (at= backwards; mouse placement broken, ..), while
d.barscale is pretty much the same program but with the bugs fixed and
more/better features & options (eg omit bg color, text on top).

I just added a flag to d.barscale that makes it draw a d.scale style
line-scale instead of a bar-scale, thus making d.scale redundant.

I propose we now get rid of (or disable via the module build list)
d.scale for 5.3 and rename d.barscale d.scale in the 5.7 cvs.

Can it be removed from CVS/HEAD without damaging 5.0.x?

A lingering inconsistency between various d.* modules is the at=
placement option which places an item based on percentage of monitor
width & height. d.barscale makes [0%,0%] the top left. For the modules
I've added at= to, I've been working off of what d.frame does which is
to make [0%,0%] the bottom left (I figured d.frame was one of the oldest
d.* modules and so closest to any sort of design strategy). 

Can we pick one and make all the same? I think consistency between
modules is more important than consistency between major releases of

comments?! criticisms!?


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