[GRASS5] grass 5.0.3 in debian

Federico Di Gregorio fog at debian.org
Tue Jan 27 16:38:45 EST 2004

Il mar, 2004-01-27 alle 14:39, Glynn Clements ha scritto:
> Do the tkInt.h and tkIntDecls.h files from Debian's Tk 8.4 source code
> match the tkInt8.4.h and tkIntDecls8.4.h files included in
> NVIZ2.2/src?
> Note: those files probably won't be included in any binary package;
> that's why NVIZ includes copies. But NVIZ' copies *must* match the Tk
> library which it uses.

argh. this is evil. any well-done package should include all needed
header files as debian does in /usr/include/tcl8.4/tk-private/. anyway,
a diff does not report anything usefull (no real differences.)

should we revert to 8.3?


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