[GRASS5] Testing Grass 5.3

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 21:43:41 EST 2004

> > 2. A small annoying item with r.colors under tcltk. If you check the
> > 
> > 'rules' box, nothing happens. It **should** go to a terminal screen
> > and allow you to enter a set of color rules. This is what happens if
> > you use r.color via the terminal command line.
> Whether or not to use an xterm is set on a per-module basis; it isn't
> possible to only use one when certain options are used. So, we need to
> enable the use of an xterm always.

For now I just removed the "color=rules" option from the menu. There
should be a message displayed telling the user they can use the command
line if they want to do something more complicated, but I don't know how
to do that..

> Also, the tcltkgrass interface doesn't support the use of the rast=
> option.

Added. Also added some missing color= options.


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