[GRASS5] question about status of grass 5.0.3 for windows

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Thu Jan 29 06:05:01 EST 2004

Michael Barton wrote:

> I just tried to 'upgrade' a slightly older cygwin/wingrass installation 
> with new grass 5.0.3 binaries today and it wouldn't start. I was in a 
> hurry and didn't copy down the error message, but will do so if someone 
> wants to know it. It had to do with "lock.exe" and couldn't find 
> something in a cygwin.dll.

Please let us know the exact message when you can.

> What I want to know is does anyone know the status of these binaries? I 
> remember reading something a week or two back about one set of binaries 
> being broken and being replaced. I downloaded these last week from the 
> <www.itc.it> site.

That was regarding NVIZ, which is often mis-compiled on Cygwin (unless
the right configure switches are used, it will normally build with
Cygwin's Tcl/Tk, which won't work).

> My Cygwin installation dates to last August, so I will update it and 
> try again. I don't use Windows much or Cygwin, but am trying to get 
> this set up for my students who do. I'm using the xwindows version of 
> the binaries and following the directions on the winGRASS binary site.
> My main question is am I wasting my time and should revert to the 
> previous version.

It's hard to say without seeing the exact error message.

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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