[GRASS5] [bug #2451] (grass) 2 wishes for GRASS 5.7

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Tue Jun 1 17:15:11 EDT 2004

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Subject: 2 wishes for GRASS 5.7

Platform: Mac OSX
grass obtained from: CVS
grass binary for platform: Compiled from Sources
GRASS Version: 2004-06-01

With the flurry of activity, I am running out of wishes for basic functionality in GRASS 5.7. But I have 2 here.

1. Bring back r.contour. GRASS 5.3 has a simple and pretty nice module to produce vector contour maps from raster maps. The change in vector formats is probably the reason why it has not reappeared in GRASS 5.7 yet. However, if it is not too difficult, it would be quite useful to have.

2. More difficult, but I think important. I'd like to see DXF import and export modules produced for 5.7. Those in 5.3 have considerable limitations. 5.7 has overall very good I/O routines due to gdal and ogr. However, OGR doesn't include dxf. This is a major data interchange format that I think ought to be supported if possible.

Neither of these are urgent, of course. But one can wish.

Michael Barton

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