[GRASS5] Re: GRASS 5.7.0 beta1

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 2 22:01:15 EDT 2004

> Now the display manager pops-up and a "task bar" -- looks great, much
> more modules included, looks pretty sophisticated! 

Nice, isn't it.

> BTW when I do v.digit -> polygon and click right mouse button the
> polygon should be closed, shouldn't it? In the display it is still
> open. 

Hm. That's not working correctly for me either. 

Snapping only seems to work with previously established nodes; you can
change the thresholds in the settings menu, the default is 10 screen
pixels. So currently you need to use the "add vertex" tool to close the
area? Or move well away with the "move vertex" tool and then move it
back to get the area to close properly. shrug.


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