[GRASS5] Draft 5.7.0 announcement

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 23 23:21:13 EDT 2004

> I have drafted a 5.7.0 release announcement:
>   http://grass.itc.it/announces/announce_grass570.html
> Before linking it to index.html, please review it and
> fix it directly in Web-CVS. Native speakers are welcome :-)

Hi all,

I've made some changes; let loose the grammar police!


Three outstanding questions:

a) what to say regarding stability? I put the "technology preview" back
in, but commented it out as it isn't exactly right.. I thought "a first
release", while true, made the meaning a bit too obscure/hidden.

b) should the grass logo be included? It always looks nice.
related: Should there be a flat text version for a press release?
5.3.0 too..

c) I'm still not very happy with the first sentence.


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