[GRASS5] grass++

Sabine Grabner csab7771 at uibk.ac.at
Wed Jun 30 05:12:22 EDT 2004

i compiled grass++. here are a few suggestions/questions: 
1. it was not clear from first view that one need to compile grass from source  
first (i used precompiled binaries before and was wondering about /dist.
$ARCH). maybe it should be mentioned in the manual for those who are not so 
familiar with installing. 
2. i compiled the library in /home/sabine/diss/grass++0.2 and moved libgrass+
+.so to /usr/local/lib. is this working as the header files remain in /home/
sabine... ? 
3. the GISBASE environment variable need to be set. how can i do that? 
thanx, sabine 

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