[GRASS5] can't get 5.7 to get past ./configure

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Mon Mar 8 06:02:55 EST 2004

"Jeff D. Hamann" wrote:
> >> when I attempt to run make, I get,
> >>
> >> $ make
> >> "./include/Make/Grass.make", line 235: Missing dependency operator
> >> "./include/Make/Grass.make", line 308: Need an operator
> >> "Makefile", line 51: Missing dependency operator
> >> "Makefile", line 53: Need an operator
> >> make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
> >> $
> >>
> >
> > Well obvious first place to look is what does line 235 in
> > include/Make/Grass.make say? I think it should be
> > ifeq ($(GRASS_LIBRARY_TYPE),stlib)
> > but it could have been changed somewhere maybe if you're using an unusual
> > shell and it expanded the variable $(GRASS_LIBRARY_TYPE) when it shouldn't
> > have or something. If that line is intact, check near the top of the file
> > to see what GRASS_LIBRARY_TYPE has been set to. Other than that I can't
> > think of anything else to try for now.
> That's exactly what it says...
> ifeq ($(GRASS_LIBRARY_TYPE),stlib)
> and
> near the top of the file.
> Does that help? Thanks.

Well it rules something out. Does the BSD make have a problem with the
ifeq construct? Perhaps something like
I really don't know if/why that should make any difference though.

Incidentally the reason for this line is that if the library type is
shared, the library filenames don't need to be listed as dependencies
because the modules don't need to be recompiled when the libraries
change. I hope this is the correct thing to do---it greatly speeded up
the GRASS 5.7 compilation time when I added it. Since you are using
shared libraries you could just delete that conditional block of the
Makefile to get around the problem.

But as you almost certainly will run into problems with your make later
in the compilation, I would suggest using GNU make. This is really
required for GRASS 5.7 (and parts of 5.3 as well) but I'm not sure if it
is listed as something you must install.

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