[GRASS5] discussion on how to package binaries

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Mon Mar 8 14:40:00 EST 2004

Markus Neteler wrote:
> I suggest to make --enable-shared etc the default.
> It works smoothly on the known platforms, only with such a change
> we'll find the platforms with problems.

In general I agree but not just yet as there are some known problems we
can fix on Cygwin and Mac OSX before making it the default. I am working
through them slowly but I have very little time to spend on this as

Most of the Cygwin problems can apparently be solved by building the
dig2, vect and driver libraries as static. I believe it should be
possible to merge dig2 and vect into one library as they are never
linked independently; always the two together. There was a discussion
about the driver library before and how there will always be undefined
functions as they are implemented separately in e.g. XDRIVER, PNGDriver
etc. so it might be necessary to always build it statically as is
already done for the dbmi lib.
After building those libraries as static few other modules remained with
errors. Probably won't be a big job to sort out if we get round to it.
I'll post them on the list for the record when I get a chance to go back
to the Windows machine I was testing this on.

Regarding Mac OSX, Lorenzo has posted the errors at
Mostly they are multiply defined symbols which aren't a big job to fix
and I am slowly working through them.

When we get all these known problems fixed I suggest making
--enable-gmake=no the default and then we will be able to find any
remaining errors.


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