[GRASS5] r.in.mat, r.out.mat for MATLAB I/O

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 14 18:32:43 EST 2004

[resent as yesterday's message never made it to the list..?]


To make my life a bit easier, I was thinking out writing two new
modules: r.in.mat and r.out.mat. These would save and load Matlab 
binary ".mat" files in a manner much like r.in.ascii & r.out.ascii.

The format is endian-aware, highly portable, and fairly simple.

Octave is a GPL'd program that works "not unlike" Matlab. It
could read/write these files as well.


* There are two MAT-File formats, version 4 & 5. Version 4 is simpler
and >~5 years backwards compatible, but version 5 lets me put a map into
a nice structure instead of just dumping a series of variables and
arrays to the workspace. Version 5 also allows >2-D arrays, which would
allow someone to add support for 3D rasters at some point if they

* Matlab provides headers and libraries for reading/writing MAT files
for both C and FORTRAN, but for both portability and copyrights reasons I
wouldn't use them. I might try and use some Octave code if it fits.

* I've got to make a choice whether to make [1,1] to be top-left or
bottom-left of the map. Matlab can deal with both ("axis xy" or 
"axis ij"), but "xy" (bottom-left) is default. Which is better to use?

* The data storage format is (I think) in the FORTRAN style,

e.g. an array called "A":

A = [ 1 2 3
      4 5 6
      7 8 9 ];

is saved as A[9] = {1, 4, 7, 2, 5, 8, 3, 6, 9};
with rows x column data stored elsewhere.

I can see this being a headache.. Have to load the whole map instead of
just one row at a time. Have to use lots of memory or lots of slow loops..

So my current plan is to write from scratch as two GRASS modules
r.[in|out].mat that will write a structure as described below. Matlab
variables can't start with a number or include certain characters (e.g.
"-"), so the structure name would be a cleansed version of the map name.

cleansed_mapname {
  north: xxxxxx.xx
  south: xxxxxx.xx
  east: xxxxxx.xx
  west: xxxxxx.xx
  map_array: [m by n]  (int|float|double)
  title: 'char array'
  meta: cell array containing "hist" file

Rows, cols, resolution, and type (int|float|double) are all built in 
or discoverable from the map_array & NSEW. So wouldn't be included.

I'd follow r.[in|out].ascii's style of n,s,e,w variables being values at 
the outer edge of cells, not the centroids of outside edge cells.
(This should be true for everything in GRASS, yes?)

I could, but probably wouldn't at this point, include support for 3D maps,
as well as category and color information. I would write the programs to 
be extensible though (warning on unknown data type beyond mandatory ones).

Null is always "NaN".

Matlab supports the IEEE value of "inf" and "-inf", do I have to trap 
that in r.in.mat and convert to null?

thanks for any comments & ideas,

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