[GRASS5] Re: Your binaries of GRASS 5.7 on cygwin

Richard Greenwood rich at greenwoodmap.com
Sun Mar 21 21:01:11 EST 2004

Jachym Cepicky wrote:
> Hallo,
> first: excuse please my english.. it isn't very good, I don't need it
> very often.
> second: I have tryed your cygwin distribution of GRASS 5.7 and on
> cygwin. I don't know, if you have discussed it somewhere, but I can't
> get it running.
> I'm using cygwin at MS Windows XP - Home edition. GRASS 5.0.x runs
> without problem. The installation of GRASS 5.7 is apparantly without
> problem. Then I try to run it and I get some error window (not from
> Xfree, but from Windows os), whitch says something like
>     "Point of entry of __getreent procedure could not be found in dynamic
>      library cygwin1.dll"
> and in xterm-window under Xfree i get:
>     " $ grass57
>       Unable to properly access /home/jachym/.gislock57
>       Please notify system personel.
>       $
>     "
> I also tryed to compile GRASS by my self, but I couldn't come over
> ./configure procedure, though I didn't search to much around, because
> usually, I'm using Slackware ;o)
> Thank You for anny help/link to it.
> Regards
> Jáchym

I am copying your email to the Grass developer's list.

At what point did you receive the "Point of entry of __getreent ..." 
error? When you started "Grass57" or later on? What is your cygwin1.dll 
version? (In windows explorer, go to /cygwin/bin and right click on 
cygwin1.dll, then select the version tab)

Can you delete ~/.gislock57 ? What file system are you using NTFS or FAT?

Thank you for sharing your problems. It is an important step toward 
making Grass 5.7 usable on Cygwin.

Richard Greenwood

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