[GRASS5] 5.7 v.digit Cygwin fails

Richard Greenwood rich at greenwoodmap.com
Tue Mar 23 15:09:44 EST 2004

Markus Neteler wrote:

> Rich,
> looking at that message again: did you launch it from the
> display manager? I think yes:
>  GRASS 5.7.-cvs:~/grass57/display/d.m > grep v.digit *
>  vector.tcl:    set cmd "v.digit -n map=$opt($id,map)"
> Can you please try to launch it from cmd line:
>  d.mon x0
>  v.digit -n map=fart
> Does this work at least?
>  Markus

Sorry not to follow up sooner. I have had little time.

Starting from the command prompt with a map= option, it will create the
new vector map if necessary, but then immediately causes a Segmentation

Starting it from the cm line without any parameters, or starting it
with d.m opens the initial dialog (in which the name of the input vector
is specified). Upon entering a vector map name and clicking Run, a stack
dump file is written out (no error message is displayed).

In your subsequent email you wrote:

> maybe we have a stdout redirection problem:
> GRASS 5.7.-cvs:~/grass57/display/d.m > grep stdout *
> d.m.tcl:    puts stdout $cmd
> [...]
> d.m.tcl:    eval "exec $cmd >@stdout 2>@stdout"

Indeed there does appear to be a problem, I get:

   GRASS 5.7.-cvs:~ > grep stdout *
   out.txt:v.digit.log:"exec v.digit -n map=fart >@stdout 2>@stdout"
   out.txt:v.digit.log:"eval "exec $cmd >@stdout 2>@stdout""
   grep: test: Permission denied
   grep: test.txt: Permission denied
   v.digit.log:"exec v.digit -n map=fart >@stdout 2>@stdout"
   v.digit.log:"eval "exec $cmd >@stdout 2>@stdout""

I am sure this is rudimentary to most of the readers of this list, but I 
am lost here. Anyone want to give me a more verbose explanation as to 
where, and why, stdout is being redirected?

In the mean time, I will look thru the emails that you referenced:


Richard Greenwood

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