[GRASS5] Porting list

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Tue Nov 2 05:07:25 EST 2004

On Tuesday 02 November 2004 00:06, Michael Barton wrote:
> Thanks much Huidae. I went through your list adde, organized it into the
> type of module and made comments about what has been ported or not, what is
> obsolete, and what is covered functionally by another command. I'd be happy
> for anyone to make corrections on it. This should make it a bit easier to
> see what remains to be ported and decided if it is worth the effort to do
> so.

Michael, thanks for cleaning up the list. It could be useful to have 
a HTML table like we have for vectors/sites. 

------ some comments: ---------------
>>Vector modules
> v.mkquads - Not ported 
This module is not general enough for standard GRASS distribution, it is specific 
for one state only, I think. It should be distributed as additional package.

> v.split - what is this?

v.split breaks lines and boundaries to segments. I'll add this functionality
as tool to v.clean.

> v.support - not ported

Ported as v.build, but rarely needed .

> v.alabel - will be merged by v.category 

It is in v.category.

> v.prune - this functionality should go to v.clean 

It is in v.clean as tool 'prune'

> v.reclass.pg - moved to v.reclass? 

Yes, *.pg is not used in 5.7 and no *.pg modules will be ported.

> v.rmedge - merged to v.clean? 

Not directly, I believe that it is not necessary because other cleaning tools
can be used. In any case, the functionality can be reached by v.to.db option=sides
+ v.extract.

> v.timestamp- move to v.info? 


> v.to.sites - obsolete (sites replaced by vector points) 

There is also v.to.points available.


'Missing' and missing modules cannot stop 5.8/6.0 release.
For me, it is important to get a short list of modules (functions) 
realy missing in 5.7, with an explanation why it should be ported,
rather than a long comparison of bin directories.


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