[GRASS5] nviz problems

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 4 20:16:36 EST 2004

> > I have just updated the 57 CVS and I have just tried to start
> > NVIZ... I have a problem because NVIZ doesn't start and I obtain
> > this message:
> > WARNING: G3d_readWindow: unable to find
> >          [//home/ivan/DATABASEGRASS/gauss_boagaEST/moreno/WIND3],
> >          using
> > default.
> > WARNING: G3d_readWindow: unable to find
> >         
> > FATAL ERROR: G3d_initDefaults: Error reading window
> Use g3.createwind to create the WIND3 file. It shouldn't matter what
> values you choose for the Z axis so long as you don't actually use the
> G3D (3D voxel grids) features.

This is a more general problem with the latest NVIZ vol updates.

You get this error even if you do 'nviz -q' in a new mapset.

Either we have to generate WIND3 files with each new mapset or
(preferably) conditionalize the G3d_initDefaults() call for when it 
is really needed.


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