[GRASS5] Surface Reconstruction/Interpolation

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 4 20:30:22 EST 2004

> >> I am a computer science student and got to do a semester project in
> >> the area of surface reconstruction. I would want to relate my
> >project> to GRASS/GIS/terrain analysis. I went through the wish list
> >of> projects in the GRASS website but didnt find anything much
> >concerning> interpolation or surface reconstruction problems. Is
> >there any scope for a project in this area ?
> > 
> > You could try and get s.surf.krig working properly, or some of the
> > sites modules that Radim recently ported to 5.7 that have
> > inefficient algorithms. Search for s.surf.krig and s.kcv in some of
> > the recent mailing list archives for some ideas.
> or even better you could try to do build support for TINs - we don't
> have that at all and that would be more related to surface
> reconstruction problems than kriging

You should probably coordinate TINs with Laura, no point in duplicating

> Or you can contact me and let me know in more detail what
> you want to do, as we are doing a significant update of the
> spline-based surface modeling tools for GRASS and there is quite a bit
> of work to be done there too. You can find more at
> http://skagit.meas.ncsu.edu/~helena/
> and some older overview here:
> http://skagit.meas.ncsu.edu/~helena/gmslab/index.html

Note the current v.surf.rst in 5.7 still needs the 'deviation' output
updated to use the 5.7 points mode. Currently devi= doesn't export
anything useful. Shouldn't be too much work but should teach you
something about the 5.7 vector API.

Not sure if the treefile and overfile work either(?).


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