[GRASS5] nviz problems

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Fri Nov 5 03:35:30 EST 2004

Why WIND and WIND3?!

Cannot we add top, bottom, depths and t-b resol to WIND? Default (if not 
defined)  will be:
top: 1
bottom: 0
depths: 1
t-b resol: 1

We can add these variables to struct Cell_head and call G_*_window from 


Helena wrote:

> Hamish
> I already discussed this issue with Markus but I did not follow up
> on the list (as I am trying not to create too many distractions from 
> 5.4 release).
> Yes, nviz ALWAYS needs WIND3, even if you work just with 2D data.
> It is needed to initialize the interface. It will be rather messy to have
> it start differently for 2D and 3D data.
> This is my suggestion (as there are and will be more modules that will 
> require
> 3D region)
> >Modify grass57 startup to check and ask for 3D region info.
> > What I have in mind is that when you start grass57, it will check for
> >WIND3 and if it is not there it will say e.g.:
> >This GRASS release is a 3D GIS and requires 3D region definition, do you
> >want to have it automatically created (you can later modify it using 
> g3.region) ? y/n
> > then the default WIND3 will just take the current region information
> >and define WIND3 with 1 vertical layer.
> >If it is done like this we don't have to worry about which module 
> requires
> >it and we don't need to implement this question into each such module
> Markus, would you have time to implement this modified start-up?
> After Paul is done with the release, I suggest that we also revisit 
> the vertical
> datum issue and creation of a new location under 5.7 as a 3D location 
> with 3D window and
> a coordinate system definition that includes both horizontal and 
> vertical datums.
> Helena

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