[GRASS5] Bus errors

Kirk R. Wythers kwythers at umn.edu
Tue Nov 9 16:13:24 EST 2004

Anyone have a suggestion as to what might be causing a 'Bus error' 
message in a number of commands? I havee finished building 51 from cvs 
today on OS X 10.3.6. My first try was with shared libraries, but I was 
still getting the db_open_database() not implemented with dbf, so I 
tried building with the config option --disable-shared (per Hamish's 
suggestion... and that seemed to make a difference).

Now v.in.dwg seems to be working fine:

GRASS 5.7.cvs:~ > v.in.dwg in=cc1.dxf out=cc1
WARNING: The vector 'cc1' already exists and will be overwritten.
WARNING: Table 'cc1' linked to vector did not exist.
11276 elements processed
Building topology ...
11276 primitives registered
0 areas built      8%
0 isles built
Topology was built.
Number of nodes     :   11440
Number of primitives:   11276
Number of points    :   3539
Number of lines     :   7657
Number of boundaries:   0
Number of centroids :   0
Number of faces     :   80
Number of areas     :   0
Number of isles     :   0
GRASS 5.7.cvs:~ > g.list vect
Bus error
GRASS 5.7.cvs:~ >

But I'm this odd Bus error. I've seen it with g.list, g.copy, and 
g.remove. Perhaps there are others. Any suggestions as to how to start 
diagnosing this problem would be apprecieated

Kirk R. Wythers	
Dept. of Forest Resources
University of Minnesota
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