[GRASS5] s.cellstats in 5.7?

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Thu Nov 11 02:29:42 EST 2004

v.neighbors can calc number of cells in given radius,
not exactly what you want, but it could be also useful.


Gordon Keith wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 17:37, Hamish wrote:
>>>Has s.cellstats been ported to vectors under 5.7 yet?
>>Try v.univar (newer than 5.7.0).
>>From the online man page looks like s.univar which just calculates the stats 
> for the whole vector. 
> s.cellstats calculates the stats for each cell in the current region and 
> creates a site file with one site per cell and one attribute per statistic. I 
> don't see an output option in v.univar.
> Specifically I've got a points vector file (old style sites) and I'd like a 
> raster where the value in each cell is the number of points that the vector 
> had that fall within the cell.
> In 5.3 I could do: 
> s.cellstats in=sites out=count stats=n
> s.to.rast in=count out=nrast
> Does v.univar support this?
> Regards
> Gordon

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