[GRASS5] s.cellstats in 5.7?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 11 03:33:55 EST 2004

> > Specifically I've got a points vector file (old style sites) and I'd
> > like a raster where the value in each cell is the number of points
> > that the vector had that fall within the cell.
> > 
> > In 5.3 I could do: 
> > s.cellstats in=sites out=count stats=n
> > s.to.rast in=count out=nrast
> > 
> > Does v.univar support this?
> v.neighbors can calc number of cells in given radius,
> not exactly what you want, but it could be also useful.

Resolution would have to be very small...

some ideas:

v.kernel will produce a raster density map.

I seem to rememeber when Paul updated s.surf.idw the new method binned
the points first.. maybe this could be adapted.. (long shot)

another idea to show areas of high and low point coverage:

r.cost then r.mapcalc*res to make distance to nearest point map; smooth
with r.neighbors-mean with a big search window. Not a density map per
se, but if you make a fine grid it may give the meaning you are looking

or write a new module?


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