[GRASS5] Re: adapting locations to 5.7, volume nviz updates

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Mon Nov 15 11:44:48 EST 2004

Markus Neteler wrote:
>>I still don't quite understand how do you want to handle the WIND issue, but
>>if I understand it correctly, can you and Radim take care of grass57 
>>startup that will add 3rd dim to DEFAULTWIND when grass57 is started on old location?
> I think it was just a proposal.
> I don't know where to change libgis to add the three lines to WIND.
>>Currently, if nviz does not find WIND3 it looks for DEFAULTWIND3, so
>>I will work with Jaro and Tomas to change nviz to read from
>>WIND and if it does not have the 3d info, it will read DEFAULTWIND
>>which should have the default 3d info generated by the grass57 startup.
> Shouldn't this be added on C level? When opening the file *and* 3d info
> missing, to add it?
>>I am not sure whether we need more discussion on the developers list 
>>a change in WIND file - in case that this change could generate some
>>problems it would be good to take care of them now.

3 dimensions will be default (0,1,1) until set by user.
No changes in modules, only in lib/gis and lib/g3d.
NVIZ can continue to use old functions.


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