[GRASS5] Re: vector point dataset

Gordon Keith gordon.keith at csiro.au
Wed Nov 17 17:29:54 EST 2004

On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 01:22, Helena wrote:
> We have a project (with authors of r.terraflow) for computing massive DEMs
> and your data set looks like the size that we are aiming at, but there may
> be other bottlenecks in GRASS than gridding so we need to look at those
> too.

I'm working with bathymetry data from multibeam echosounders, typically 
working with 10s of millions of points to create grids a few thousand by a 
few thousand cells.

Is this project likely to be of interest to me (or vice versa)?

> >> A typical use for me, would be taking 120,000,000 point elevations and
> >> building a DEM. I have mainly used GMT for this, so hope to simply
> >> import the GMT netCDF grids (so far unsuccesfully)

I've basically given up on creating the DEM in GRASS and do all the work in 
MBSystem, which generates GMT format grids.

I haven't been able to import GMT netCDF grids (haven't really tried) but have 
no trouble importing grids in what MBSystem describes as 
"GMT format id 1: Native binary single precision floats in scanlines with 
leading grd header" using 'r.in.bin -hf'. I think MBSystem also describes 
this format as "binary file (GMT version 1 GRD file)".

I'm not real familiar with GMT, but this might be of help to you.



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