[GRASS5] Using points to select attributes from an area

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Thu Nov 25 04:42:50 EST 2004

Joel Peter William Pitt wrote:
> I've got something that seems like it should reasonably simple to
> do, and I've several approaches with no luck so I thought I'd ask
> for suggestions here.
> I have a bunch of points in one vector file, I have another
> vector file that contains areas which represent territories.
> I'd like to select an attribute from the territories that contain
> points and associate/add that attribute to all the points within those
> categories.
> I thought I could somehow use v.overlay, but it only does lines
> and areas :-/
> I don't mind going into programming with r if there are functions
> for finding if a point resides in an area, but thought I'd check
> I'm not missing a simpler method.
> Thanks for your time,
> Joel

You can upload area category using v.distance and then update
the table in database using attribute table of areas.
If the attribute is integer, it is easier to v.reclass first
areas and then you get te attribute directly.


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