[GRASS5] Using points to select attributes from an area

Joel Peter William Pitt pittj2 at lincoln.ac.nz
Thu Nov 25 23:18:38 EST 2004

I've got something that seems like it should reasonably simple to
do, and I've several approaches with no luck so I thought I'd ask
for suggestions here.

I have a bunch of points in one vector file, I have another
vector file that contains areas which represent territories.
I'd like to select an attribute from the territories that contain
points and associate/add that attribute to all the points within those

I thought I could somehow use v.overlay, but it only does lines
and areas :-/

I don't mind going into programming with r if there are functions
for finding if a point resides in an area, but thought I'd check
I'm not missing a simpler method.

Thanks for your time,

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