[GRASS5] v.patch in 5.7 problems

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Mon Nov 29 03:50:19 EST 2004

Maciek Sieczka wrote:
> grass57_exp_2004_11_13
> After merging a vector consisted of points with a vector consisted of 
> lines using v.patch I get a file where some lines and points are 
> assigned the same "field:" and "category:". It unables me create a 
> database which would assign the elevation values to both points and 
> contour lines at one time! And I need it to be done so in order to 
> interpolate this "merged" elevation information in one turn with 
> v.surf.rst. Both input files had a nice database.
> BTW - why doesn't the v.patch create a merged database for the output 
> file while in 5.5 the v.patch copies all the input's cats and labels to 
> the output?
> Please somebody answer and let me know if it's a bug worthy of a bug 
> report.

It is wish report.


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