Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 30 18:30:26 EST 2004

> New GRASS users are usually surprised that most GRASS modules silently
> or with warning overwrite existing maps. Most normal users
> however like this feature (AFAIK).

I don't. Specifically when collecting data in the field & you are
working hard all day it is easy to mess up and no way to recollect the
data. Therefore make it hard to overwrite by mistake. This is why I put
an overwrite check in v.in.garmin (usual use for me is to hook up to
laptop and use up arrow in terminal to get last download command and
change the output= name to reflect the date/time).

Messing up while post-processing data is not so bad as long as the raw
data is not damaged. You can always use 'v.info -h' to quickly
reproduce. ?

Personally I like overwrite protection & to have to specifically use
the -o flag.


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