[GRASS5] adding metadata in GRASS 5.7

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 5 02:18:33 EDT 2004

> > > It does not have to be so detailed, but a lot of the information
> > > provided in this file is essential when this data are to be
> > > combined with data from other sources.
> > > I am sure that for many users it is important to be able to edit
> > > the metadata, especially if one wants to add some comments about
> > > the processing that was done to the file within GRASS. So at least
> > > to keep the capabilities for handling metadata as in 5.3 is
> > > needed.
> I don't have any experience with metadata and currently I don't need
> that, so I leave this for somebody else.

What would be nice is something like v.touch/v.comments to add text from
stdin or a file into the 'v.info -h' history. It is often useful to
write some notes down somewhere.

As for r.support, it needs to be rewritten, IMO. It's pretty much
unusable in 5.7 without at minimum adding a title="" command line option.
As Glynn noted, the raster 'hist' comments are fairly limited in size
and you need to use struct History;G_short_history();G_write_history()
which pretty much limits you to C modules during initial map creation.
(and I thought it was 80cols x 40lines? shrug)


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