[GRASS5] Tcltkgrass and dm merged for GRASS 5.7

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Mon Sep 6 11:24:03 EDT 2004


Thanks for the patches. I'll get them put in over the next couple days. I
also made a small patch to resolve access to the scripts needed for a couple
of entries.

BTW, I thought I'd update my v.in.asciipoints script to allow input of
column names for v.in.ascii.

However, it is still not parsing the string (e.g., xcoord int,ycoord int,id
int,name varchar(20)) correctly. The correct resultant syntax should be:

V.in.ascii ..... Columns=' xcoord int,ycoord int,id int,name varchar(20)'

I get 

'Columns=xcoord int,ycoord int,id int,name varchar(20)'


'Columns='\''xcoord int,ycoord int,id int,name varchar(20)'\''

Neither of which works.

I'll keep working on it.


On 9/6/04 5:39 AM, "Glynn Clements" <glynn.clements at virgin.net> wrote:

> Michael Barton wrote:
>> I'm attaching a fully functional prototype for this with the hopes that some
>> of you will give it a test drive. Everything in the *.tgz file goes into the
>> $GISBASE/etc/dm directory. Starting tcltkgrass is unnecessary. In fact, I
>> commented out the tcltkgrass startup line in init.sh and renamed the
>> tcltkgrass directory (to make it invisible to GRASS), and everything worked
>> fine.
> I have a few patches.
> The first replaces the use of "string compare -length ..." with
> "string match"; the former doesn't work with earlier versions of
> Tcl/Tk (it isn't in 8.0, but is in 8.3.4).
> The second fixes an overzealous replacement of "&" with "and" (which
> replaced a couple of "&"s which were being used to run commands in the
> background). Although, in retrospect, this should probably use
> "spawn". Actually, there should be a defined procedure for displaying
> an HTML file.
> The third dynamically generates the monitor menus.
>> 1. Given that putting all the menus into d.m.tcl makes it much larger, it
>> might be a good idea to split off this part of the d.m system into a
>> separate file (i.e. A menu.tcl) as is done with tool.tcl for example. I
>> might need a bit of advice on how to do this, but it is probably very easy.
> source $dmpath/menu.tcl
>> 3. Glynn: The procedure to generate the monitor start, stop, select submenus
>> didn't work in this new setup. I worked with it a bit without success, so I
>> went ahead and coded the commands like before you did these. But I'm sure
>> that the procedure could be made to work.
> It needs to be converted to generate the new (MainFrame-compatible)
> menu format. Patch attached.

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