[GRASS5] D.zoom behavior

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Sun Sep 12 01:01:45 EDT 2004


Thanks. Your email fixed the problem ;-)

I don't know what it was, but the changes to node_type are working fine now.
Possibly updating other execution commands to the new procedures did it.

I've run into another issue that is quite different. Not a huge problem but
interesting. It relates to the discussion over the behavior of d.zoom.

D.zoom operates in an xterm, going directly to using the left,center,right
mouse buttons to control a zoom in the current monitor, if you start it with
d.zoom [mapname] or run d.zoom without an argument if a map has been
displayed in the current monitor.

D.zoom goes to the tcltk gui if you run it without arguments and there is no
map displayed.

So far so good. 

However, if you display a map with d.his or d.rgb, d.zoom with no argument
behaves as if there was no map displayed. That is, it goes to the tcltk gui.
I can't find any other display commands that behave this way.

All the rest (d.rast and d.vect, or based on these 2 commands) seem to
behave like the first way I described.

This is minor, but a bit odd. As you were talking about the behavior of
d.zoom a couple weeks back, I thought it might be worth reporting this.


On 9/11/04 4:05 PM, "Glynn Clements" <glynn.clements at virgin.net> wrote:

> Michael Barton wrote:
>> I just discovered that your changes to proc Dm:node_type (in d.m.tcl) don't
>> work on my Mac. You suggested changes to this procedure to make it work with
>> earlier versions of tcltk. However, it doesn't work with tcltk 8.4 for x11
>> on my Mac. That is, it doesn't seem to return the correct item type. This
>> only seems to show up in when you do a query.
> So, you are saying that the new version works normally, but not for
> queries?
> Note that Dm::node_type is called from a lot of places. If it returns
> the wrong result, it won't just be queries which don't work. E.g. the
> structure of the lower pane is determined by the result from
> Dm::node_type.
>> It needs to know what type of
>> map you are querying to send you to to raster.tcl (with d.what.rast) or
>> vector.tcl (with d.what.vect).
>> I've been making a few other changes, like using your term, run, execute,
>> spawn procedures in the various subroutines called by d.m.tcl. This all
>> seems to work fine.
>> For the moment, I've rolled back to the original version of Dm:node_type. If
>> you can figure out what is problematic here, I'll put it in.
> Not having a Mac, there's no way that I can figure out why the updated
> version doesn't work on a Mac. Can you try adding some "puts" commands
> to Dm::node_type, to see what's actually happening?
> Also, can you send me your d.m.tcl file (a version which uses
> "string match ..." which doesn't work for you)?

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