[GRASS5] question about CVS

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Thu Sep 16 15:51:41 EDT 2004

Hello Michael

You can't rename or delete a directory in CVS (well Bernhard may be able 
to do it by directly editing the repository but other developers with CVS 
write access cannot, and I think it is good practice not to try to as it 
does not show up in the CVS logs then). All you can do is delete all the 
files in it and create a new directory with the name you wanted to rename 
it to.

I don't think it's necessary in this case though---renaming r.univar to 
r.univar.sh in the Makefiles etc. as has been done should be sufficient. 
Scripts don't get compiled, simply copied over into the appropriate place 
in the dist.$ARCH directory. Perhaps there is an old copy of r.univar that 
needs deleted there?

On your other point about the d.m/script directory: you can't create a 
directory as part of a CVS commit operation. A new directly has to be 
added separately as a preliminary step and the change takes effect 
immediately in the CVS repository (i.e. without issuing a cvs commit 
command). As it's also impossible to delete a directory I think this 
behaviour is kind of strange but it seems to be the way CVS works---unless 
I've missed something.

I can't remember the CVS command to create a new directory but you can 
look it up in the man page. Probably cvs mkdir or something like that.
After that you must 'cvs add' the files in the new directory before the 
commit but probably you know that...

Hope this helps a bit


On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Michael Barton wrote:

> I am hoping that someone can check the CVS for me and give an independent
> opinion on something that doesn¹t look quite right from my end.
> I updated menu.tcl for d.m this morning and tried to update the script
> r.univar.sh so that it gets compiled by default. I successfully updated the
> script itself and associated description and html files. The latter was
> necessary as it was getting compiled as r.univar, confusing with the binary
> module r.univar. I also made a small update to the script. So far so good.
> However, when I tried to change the name of the script directory from
> r.univar to r.univar.sh it APPEARED to commit properly, but it seems to be
> unchanged (i.e., still /r.univar) when I look at it via the web based CVS
> page (a way to check to see if my commits have Œtaken¹). Also, when I try to
> update the scripts Makefile accordingly, changing the entry from r.univar/
> to r.univar.sh/ I am getting an error and it won¹t commit.
> Possibly related, when I did the overhaul of d.m earlier this week, I also
> committed a script directory, within the d.m folder. However, it doesn¹t
> look as though it is there when I look at it via the web based CVS page.
> Could someone check to see whether
> 1. the /scripts/r.univar directory has been changed to /scripts r.univar.sh?
> 2. if the scripts Makefile has been updated, changing r.univar / to
> r.univar.sh /
> 3. If the /display/d.m/script directory is there
> Thanks
> Michael
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