[GRASS5] question about makefile for d.m in GRASS 5.7

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Mon Sep 20 16:39:01 EDT 2004


I am forwarding your comment about the recent additions to the d.m makefile
(for including the d.m/script directory and contents) to the larger list.
What is in there now  *looks* correct and it matches the other entries.
However, it seemed to cause you a problem for compiling under Mac OSX. I'd
like to get some feedback before I change it.

To the list...

Given Lorenzo's note below, should I (or someone) change the Makefile in the
CVS for d.m to include the colons indicated???



>About grass57cvs source
> ---------------
> There is a small error when I build last 5.7cvs
> error /display/d.m/Makefile
>  Makefile:27: *** missing separator.
> I have changed /display/d.m/Makefile file - line 27-28
> $(MKDIR) $(GISBASE)/etc/dm/script
> $(INSTALL) -m 755 script/*.* $(GISBASE)/etc/dm/script
> in
> $(MKDIR): $(GISBASE)/etc/dm/script
> $(INSTALL): -m 755 script/*.* $(GISBASE)/etc/dm/script

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