[GRASS5] french translation for GRASS-5.7 CVS

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Mon Sep 27 18:25:17 EDT 2004

Thanks VERY much for doing this. I realized when I made the change from
tcltkgrass to the GIS Manager that this would be needed but had not been
bold enough to ask for i18N to be implemented anew after it had just been
done for tcltkgrass 6 months back. It will be much appreciated by many.


On 9/26/04 12:45 PM, "Markus Neteler" <neteler at itc.it> wrote:

> Hi Emmanuel
> On Sat, Sep 25, 2004 at 09:31:09AM +0200, Emmanuel Saracco wrote:
>> Le jeu 23/09/2004 à 12:00, Emmanuel Saracco a écrit :
>>> hi,
>> hi,
>>> I have created a french translation for GRASS-5.7 (CVS version),
>>> "locale/po/grassmods_fr.po" (100% done) and "locale/po/grasslibs_fr.po"
>>> (70% done).
>>> now I want to know how I can commit it on CVS, or on which E-Mail
>>> address I can send my patch. Moritz Lennert advised me to send it first
>>> to Markus Neteler. is it ok?
> yes, that's fine.
>>> is it possible to have write access on CVS to maintain it myself and why
>>> not "gettextize" current code?
> I'll work on i18N the next days, then we have to establish
> some method for handling all the translations.
>> my translation maintainer E-Mail address is:
>> esaracco at users.labs.libre-entreprise.org
>> where futur updates must be sent?
> I guess to me for a while :-)
> Thanks anyway, will submit to CVS tomorrow.
>  Markus

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